The Housing Foundation, Inc.


The Housing Foundation, Inc. (HFI) is a Vermont non-profit corporation created in July of 1986 to promote and encourage affordable, quality, low-cost housing for low-income families, the elderly and persons with disabilities. HFI accomplishes its mission by constructing, purchasing and managing housing; placing emphasis on sound construction, energy efficiency, and resident accessibility in the purchase and development of properties within the constraints of economic realities and making every good faith effort to address the needs of special populations.

HFI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that takes advantage of opportunities to preserve existing housing stock, develop new properties and improve the quality of Vermont ‘s existing mobile home parks. The financing packages necessary to carry out these activities are multi-layered and include funds to upgrade sewage systems, water supplies, electrical systems, implement energy efficient measures, and make other improvements. These capital improvements meet environmental regulations and habitability standards. Many resources and partnerships are instrumental and include both federal and state resources and non-profit cooperation.

Since its creation, HFI has been a leader in the housing community and is currently the owner or managing general partner for a portfolio of mobile home parks and multi-family properties.

HFI is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors with a broad range of expertise in finance, legal, engineering, property management and public administration.